Saturday, 9 August 2014

Neck Peg replacement for Obitsu.

I thought I would do a tutorial that has been at the back of my mind for awhile. This is a tutorial for an alternative neck peg for obitsu bodies.
Electrical tape
Button with metal loop shank.

Step 1: Cover the top of the button with electrical tape: This stops the shank wiggling about all over the place.
Optional Step: Bend the loop so it fits inside the neck of the obitsu but also so the metal pin still slips through. I put this as optional because some of mine have needed it and some of mine haven't, it depends how thick and round the loop is. (This is what the pliers are for and I didn't take photo's as this step was done before I decided to make a tutorial)

Step 2: Cover the Loop with electrical tape to keep the head from wiggling. (Again might not be required if the loop fits snuggly inside the neck)

Step 3: Insert into the Neck and insert the metal pin to hold in place. (It can be a little tricky to get the pin back in, patcience is the key. A thick needle or other object usually helps to push the pin in or to check the holes are aligned.)

Step 4: Slide inside the head. (For some of my newer dolls, loosening or removing the eye-mechanism was needed for this step, remember to tighten it again, if you had to loosen it.)

Step 5: Put the Doll back together and you're done!

Advantages of this method is that the metal shank on the buttons is a lot sturdier than the obitsu neck pegs, I have had my dolls on these for almost 2 years and none of them have needed altering or fixing, whereas a lot of my obitsu neck pegs have snapped from the weight of the dolls head. 

Disadvantages of this method would be if the loop needs bent with the pliers to fit and this can require a lot of strength and patience and it is very easy to bend too large or too small. 

Buying the buttons: I found these in my Grandmother's old sewing kit but you can buy Similar buttons here

Sunday, 10 February 2013

It's been far too long.

It's been ages since I last posted, I have had a really busy year with moving house and university exams but I feel it's time to ease myself back into blogging so here goes.
I've had many new editions to my family, including a custom dal- Luna, customised by a friend for me. Pullip Elizabeth was a Christmas present from my boy friend, pullip lunatic queen who was my grail, Taeyang William who I customised myself. So stay tuned as I plan to update here more again.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Back to Biographies. M'aidez is a pullip Zuora. She has been modified with green eye-shadow and ginger wig, she has two wigs because although I found the one I like best I gave her peter pans wig to make her seem younger, more innocent and sweet. Today her 25cm obitsu came, I think the shortness suits her personality.

 M'aidez is a Fairy but she is very clumsy, she can't cast a spell without it back firing and as a result she has been stripped of her wings and sent to live amoung humans, in order to earn her wings back she must successfully cast 5 spells without them back firing. So far she has cast two but is only aware of one. She helped a dal fix her broken ankle and she unknowingly broke a curse, allowing Sid to become a doll again. She is a bit shy and quiet but she is sweet and means well. So far her only Friend is Toki, they don't know each other very well but their meetings give them the opportunity to talk about the paranormal. Being a fairy she does have some limits people don't have for example if a human eats fairy food they are then bound to the fairy world and cannot leave without forfeiting their life, also if a fairy falls in love with a human s/he must give the human her wings or return to the fairy world and never see her/his love again. Of course if the human has eaten fairy food perhaps this could be a loop hole.

M'aidez is named after the Song "M'aidez" by the sneaker pimps, It is absolutely my most treasured song.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

I've really F****d up on the obitsu front.

I am having a tough time with obitsu's lately. So I noticed that Echo's body (pullip MM) had some blue stains on her and after hours of trying every trick in the book I couldn't get them off. Then when I was trying to pose Hypnotica (begoth doll) her neck broke which is a pain because begoth dolls have tattoo'd bodies which are important to keep them in good condition, so any way I figured she could have Echo's body and I would buy Echo a new one later on but then when I tried to put her head on the obitsu the peg came loose half inside her head so i tried to pull it of again but the metal pin that goes through the neck bent and the peg got lost in her head so I have a neck that has metal stuck in it. I then decided that as Lilly(pullip custom) won't be home for awhile I could replace the SBH's neck with the one from my SB-S at this point i was being careful as possible with my bodies but even then Lilly's soft body ripped... so now after all that, I have one obitsu that can be used for a doll. The other one has become a Mannequin for dressing up. Echo is without a body, Hynotica can't have the working body until I get a new peg for it and when Lilly returns home she will also be lacking in a body, add that to my Dal who is residing in the States with the Proffesor and I have a total of three obitsu's to buy D: I think I will try the kind with the magnets next time. I am unsure whether I should put them back on their old pullip bodies or sell the pullip bodies to make money for obitsu's What do you think I should do?

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Video Channel Review: My Froggy Stuff.

 Whilest collecting dolls on a shoestring budget (Well a student budget but still) it is important to look into other ways of doing things, such as making your own props. I have spent hours just watching online tutorials for different things such as making realistic food, furniture, clothes... in fact you name something doll related and I have probably watched it. My favourite is youtube Channel Froggystuff hosted by a mother with input from her daughter Froggy stuff covers kid friendly but also high quality props for your dolls. My favourite on is this one "make a 12" doll bed" I tried it out making a small bed for Dal and these were my results:
As you can see I am still lacking in bed sheets and perhaps some more decoration to make it look more interesting. I hope to make some for my bigger 12" dolls though. Froggy Stuff has Tutorials on absolutely every thing, her most recent even including how to make a car. Even if I don't plan on making anything I always enjoy watching her tutorials and her doll show called "The Darby show" where mother and daughter use dolls to act out scenarios is both really sweet and rather funny. I hope you enjoy.

Monday, 30 April 2012

Shop Review Mimiwoo.

Cute little boxes.
Cute Cat ears.
 Mimiwoo on etsy is one of my favourite places to buy. I always buy my obitsu bodies there because she dispatches them quickly and gives you free shipping. I bought some small things from her recently and I was really pleased because they came in such cute little boxes. Perfect for reusing as birthday presents when photographing. But what's in them? I bought some resin cat ears, a pair for echo and a pair for a later custom. The other brilliant thing is that Mimiwoo's business cards always have artistic pictures that are the perfect size for doll posters. I plan on making a frame for this one pictured with Echo below and making a perfect doll sized picture.

I'm not sure how there end up with two sets of writing in this one D: fail.
Any way here is my finished resin ears, the inside is blushed pink and the tips black, this is because Echo's old ears were white felt with black felt in the middle and I wanted to keep the black and white but also make them more realistic. I hope you like. if so mimiwoo's shop can be found here and the ebay one here she also often does free shipping on obitsu's

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Shop Review: The Pullip Pantry Etsy.

Echo's Green Dress.

Beautiful Lace Skirt.

Adorable Embroidered Jacket.
There are many little shops that cater to the tiny needs of our dolls and every one has a favourite place to shop. Mine is The Pullip Pantry on Etsy. Although it could be said that I am biased as I knew Jemm via Pullip Fiction before she started up her shop, I can never speak a bad word about her, she often goes out of her way to accomidate people. I have bought from her many times and will happily continue to in the future.

As you can see from the above pictures, she has something for everyone's taste. The Green Dress was made especially for me after complaining that Echo didn't have enough green things to wear I received two different dresses for her. The Black lace Skirt I fell in love with the moment I saw it listed and the lovely jacket was originally for pullip but it fits dal like a glove. The pullip pantry has just released a line of summer dresses so I suggest you head over there now and take a look.